walk on

o kadar sarki var, hepsi koyuyo, evet,
ama bir bu:
i saw you yesterday with an old friend
it was the same old same how have you been
since you've been gone my world's been dark and gray
you reminded me of brighter days

bir de bu:
i want you
i'm afraid i won't know where to stop
i want you
i'm not ashamed to say i cried for you
i want you
i want you
no-one who wants you could want you more
i want you
every night when i go off to bed and when i wake up
i want you
i want you
i'm going to say it again 'til i instill it
i know i'm going to feel this way until you kill it
i want you-

daha bir cok koyuyor.
bunu il yani

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